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The following Terms of Services (The Services) govern your access to our website (, mobile application (if we may have) our affiliate websites and our services in general. If you do not agree with all or any of these terms, your choice may not be accessing our website or make an account for yourself. Please note that we take our Terms of Services very seriously and leave no stone unturned to ensure each and every user abide by them.

Please also note that our Terms of Services, Privacy Policy, and Cookies Policy are in compliance with GDPR and other laws. We take strict actions against those who break any of the provisions of our Terms and Services:

We appreciate you read, understand and take notice of these Terms and Services before using our website, our mobile app (if we may have) and/or any of our subsidiary programs.

Key Features of Paynco :

Website Specific Terms of Services:

  1. Buying and selling with same account: please note that the similar account can be used for buying and selling services; if anyone found of having multiple account, we may remove, delete, or permanently ban the person. We may also put a temporary restriction on account/s until the matter is resolved. We may also seek legal aid if find that multiple accounts are being created for fraudulent activities.
  2. Prices and Negotiations: please note that we do not control the prices and both seller and buyer are encouraged to discuss the services and prices before placing the order. Once the order is placed for ‘x’ amount of money, “we” cannot amend it until the buyer and seller agree to change the price and/or other terms.
  3. Payment: a seller can only be paid until the buyer approves the order, after taking the fixed and explicitly communicated portion of margin, we will send the amount of money to the seller’s account in “x” days. (If you do not agree with our prices terms and conditions, you may want not to create an account on our marketplace).
  4. Flexibility: please note we do not have predefined gigs, services, search options or fixed prices. We do not also have predefined orders. Each order a buyer place in agreement with a seller must be a custom offer and it can be for exchange of any document/services. The services can be tangible or intangible. (Please note that any service/s a seller offers and a buyer wishes to purchase must be legal and in accordance with local and cyber laws).
  5. Invitation: buyer may invite the seller or the vice versa on the website to create a bespoke specifically altered for the nature of order and its requirements. Please note that we will not interfere in the process of buying and selling and buyer and seller are free to create services as per their discretion. However, we will interfere if it is known to us that the kind of services being offered on our marketplace are not in compliance with cyber rules and regulations, are fraudulent, unethical, or harmful for any individual or society.
    1. Examples of services not allowed on our website: Offering performing school work, offering medical services, buying and selling of livestock, vague, fake, or unethical services, nudity, marriage or relationship proposals, foreign visas, selling or purchasing arms, offering services of hacking or cracking a social media account, platform, or a website, infringing the intellectual property of any third-party website/s, app/s, or anything else a third-party does not allow.
  6. User Representation: you will be assigned a specific Identification name which no other buyer or seller will have; however, please note that we do not govern, restrict, or ask user to get any specific name until their chosen name is not in conflict with our policies.

General Terms of Services and Terms and Conditions

  1. Age Restriction: please note that if you are below the age of 13 (specify the age if you want to choose another), you are not allowed to use our website for any purpose including selling, buying, or making an account for connecting with other users. If we ever find out that you are underage, we will immediately ban or restrict your account until clarification.
  2. Respecting the laws: by accessing our website, you are giving your consent that you will never use our marketplace for any illegal activity. If we find out that you are committing any illegal activity, we may report you to the concerned authorities.
  3. Your Legal Status: if your legal status is not defined or you are under any legal obligation, you are not allowed to access our marketplace/website and/or create an account until your matter is not resolved. If we find out that your legal status is in question or you are facing a case of any kind, we will immediately restrict your account.
  4. Email Address: you may be required to register on the website/marketplace in order to access to every section; for registration, you will be asked to use your valid email address and generate a password. Please note that this is not an all-encrypted website and we can access any place including your messages on the website and order placing. We do this to ensure the safety and integrity of our marketplace. If we find you are violating any of our policies, we may issue a warning or ban/restrict your account depends upon the nature of violation.
    1. Possible Violations
      1. You show discrimination against other based on their gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, color of skin, age, looks, and/or religious affiliations
      2. You allege other for doing something they did not
      3. You abuse other
      4. You register on the website with a false address
      5. You deliberately use someone else’s name
      6. You regularly cancel orders after the hard work done
      7. You violate any of the possible terms and conditions of the website
      8. You do not agree with our policies, terms and conditions, privacy policy, and cookies policy
      9. Selling or transferring your profile
      10. Registering false payment information
  5. Intellectual Property: all the content including written materials, website pages, graphics such as photos, videos, and other materials are the intellectual property of Paynco. Please note that you cannot copy, reuse, or edit the content before taking permission from us in written. If we find that you are using our content without our consent, we may ban you for lifetime. We may also seek legal actions against you.
  6. Limitation on Liability: Paynco is in no ways liable for any loss you may bear due to the misuse of the marketplace and/or a misunderstanding between you and the seller/buyer. If you as a buyer or seller want refund or modification of the order, we encourage you to solve the issue with the seller/buyer.
  7. Our Discretion: we reserve all the right to modify, change altogether, or remove this section of ‘Terms of Services’ and ‘Privacy Policy’. You as a user have no right to advise or dictate us regarding Terms of Services and Privacy Policy.

Terms and Conditions regarding payment and data collection:

  1. We may collect your data in many ways when you visit and create an account on our website/marketplace. Following are some of the ways we collect your identifiable data:
    1. We collect your email address when you create an account on our website/marketplace.
    2. We may collect your payment method/card number and/or password when you make payment.
    3. We may collect your payment gateways when you enter your payment methods
    4. We may also process your payment methods upon your request after you allow us explicitly for certain time. (Please note that we will never pay on your behalf or use your payment methods every time without your permission. We will need your consent every time you ask us for making a payment or processing your payment withdrawal).
    5. We may also collect you verified mobile number and/or address if that was necessary for the registration
    6. If you wish to close down your account, we will also delete all of the data collected by us.

      Please note that we never sell, regenerate or use your data for any purpose other than you ask us to.

      If we ever sell our website/marketplace, your data will be one of the assets we will transfer along with the ownership of the website/marketplace.
  2. Unidentifiable Data Collection: Following are some of the ways we may collect your unidentifiable data:
    1. We may collect the data about your phone, IP address, your likes and dislikes if you choose to connect your social media accounts in order to show you relevant ads and/or services

Please note that the above Terms of Services and Terms and Conditions are the ways you must agree with in order to access our website and start working on; without an agreement, you will not be allowed to use our website.