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This Privacy Policy (P.P.) explains how we collect, use, safeguard, and disclose your business and/or personal information. In order to get untrammeled access to our website/s, Mobile App, or our online affiliate programs, you agree with this Privacy Policy. If you find this P.P., not in line with your standards or disagree with this P.P., you may not be eligible to use our services. We hold all the rights to revise, alter or altogether remove this P.P. at any time without any prior notice; however, you will get informed in the "Last Update" section. You are encouraged to read the P.P. and take relevant notes thoroughly. Some of the main points of the P.P. are explained below:

1. Personal Data

While using our website, we may ask you to provide us with certain personal data that we use to create your account and give you the best experience. The data may be phone number, email address, your ID photo and/or payment information

2. Usage Data

Usage data is being collected automatically while you use our website/server. The data includes but not limited to
Your device, IP address, browser, the page/s you visit, the time you visit and the place you visit from. We may also collect the information about your mobile device, the service provider, your sim connection data, if you access our website through your mobile device.

3. Social Media Accounts

We may collect data about your social media accounts if you choose to connect your social media accounts with your account on our website. We can never get access to your messages or personal info apart form the information you chose to share publicly. This public information can be your name, profile photo and other publicly available photos you shared, places you checked-in, your interests, posts you share, and other data you post online.

How we use your information

When you provide us with accurate information, we make sure to provide you with an efficient, smooth and tailored experience. We may use information collected about you via our website and/or mobile application to:

  1. Administer contests, promotions, offerings, discounts
  2. Assist law enforcement agencies to avoid any serious accident
  3. Compile statistical data that is anonymous within our website or with a third party for analysis and data processing
  4. Create, run, and manage your account based on your information
  5. Email you regarding your subscription, expiration, or send you newsletters (you may opt-out of these emails)
  6. We may use your information to enable user-to-user communication
  7. Your information helps us increase the efficiency and accuracy of our website:

Disclosure of your Information

Please note that we will never disclose your personal information to any third party or marketing agency. However, we may disclose your information to any law enforcement agencies if the law directs us, or we may feel that we are doing it for the public's safety or avoiding any terrorist activity. When you interact with other users on our site, they may see your name and profile photo or additional information you choose to make public. Other users may also see your information when you post a comment, interact with the community, or take any other public action. Your information may also be shared with our business partners. If we choose to sell our website/services in case of bankruptcy, all the information we collected about you will be one of the selling assets. We appreciate you take an interest in subscribing to our services: please contact us through any of the following ways to reach us!

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Thank you, and have a good time using our website and/or services!