Streamlining Payments: The Missing Link In Your Freelancing Career - How a Tech-averse Content Writer Doubled Her Business

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Do you have a freelance career? If so, then you know the challenges that come with being your own boss. There are always deadlines to meet and marketing strategies to implement. It's hard for many sellers to find time in their day-to-day work schedule for everything they need to do. One of the most difficult tasks is managing payments from clients. This blog post talks about how one writer streamlined her payment process and doubled her business!s

Jo, a "mom to two high-octane children, and content-marketing specialist by day" like she loves to tell people, has had her own freelance writing business for more than a decade.

Although she was always an excellent writer and did well at marketing herself to potential clients, she found it difficult to keep up with the many different payment methods that people use.

"I would get paid by PayPal or Venmo, or cash in the mail. And people would want it by check and I'd get a paper check."

As her business grew, she found herself spending more and more time trying to figure out the best way for a client to pay.

She would call them, put in requests on her website, and try to track down the payment.

"I would have this spreadsheet with all these different transactions in it," Jo said. "It was just a lot of work."

Made worse by her aversion to technology, she found herself missing payments.

"If you're anything like me and don't enjoy technology, then this process can be daunting. And if your client is in another country with different banking practices? It's even more complicated!"

She knew she needed to find a better way to streamline the payment process if she wanted to grow her business.

A breakthrough

One day Jo was browsing Facebook and saw a post from one of her friends about how she used an Paynco online payment service to simplify the invoicing process.

She decided to give it a try and found that it was so easy!

"I just signed up for free, directed my client to pay via the platform, and it took all the stress of collecting down payments out!"

Jo felt empowered by the simplicity.

"I don't know why I didn't think of it before! I'm just not a technology person, but this was so easy and took all the hassle out."

After receiving payments from two other clients - one a software company abroad, Jo quickly realized the advantages of a solution that protected her from foreign exchange rates and international wiring fees. She also realized how escrow worked to protect sellers from not getting paid.

It was a game changer for her business!

"I know I'll be better at paying my bills on time and I don't have to worry about how my clients are going to pay me."

More time, for more business

Jo has been able to work with more clients and is quickly becoming a go-to expert for marketing strategies.

"I'm just not worried about payments anymore, and I have more time to do other things. It's been an amazing experience."

She's since been able to work with clients on a marketing strategy for their international expansion.

Plus, this frees up her time to do what she loves - writing!

She also manages her own time better by not having to send emails, make phone calls and check dockets.

"I can't believe I was so stressed out about it for years!"

In the span of a few days, Jo had doubled her business.

No need for extra hire

"I used to get someone to help me sometimes make sense of all the accounting and payments. But I don't need to do that anymore," Jo said.

It's no surprise that people who use Paynco are able to make more money because they're not bogged down with administrative tasks.

Easy to get started

The good news is that you don't have to be a tech expert to use Paynco.

The process is simple and easy to follow.

You can sign up for a free account by filling out your information - name, email address, password.

In order to get paid, all you have to do is communicate and agree on terms via the Paynco platform with your client. Once the seller has agreed contracts with the client. Sellers can receive one-off payment, or set-up milestone payments for long-term projects.

The client pays to Paynco, and Paynco pays to sellers after clients accept work. It’s that simple.

Jo recommends that people try Paynco for their freelance services because it's so easy.

"I've got a successful business with no more worries about payments."

As she continues to grow her business, Jo is confident she will be ready for any challenges that come with it.

Through Paynco customers can pay by bank transfer, credit card or debit card. Jo likes that she can work with any of those options. Rather than juggling a myriad payment methods, she can focus on what's most important - her business!

"I'm a mom, I work all the time. And Paynco has taken away my stress of people not paying me!"

With Paynco sellers can get businesses to pay them more easily and quickly.