Article Hey Seller! Here’s How To Choose the Right Online Payment System for Your Needs

Even though we are living in an era of advanced technology, an online seller still needs to make sure that he or she handles payments in the most efficient manner. But there are a lot of online payment systems out there which makes it hard for sellers to choose the best one for them. In today’s post, we discuss what you should consider before signing up for one.

True, jumping ship from 9-5 to freelancing is really great.

Being your own boss. Working from home, from the coffee shop or from the beach. The best of all worlds. The freedom to work on your own schedule and time zone!

Well, the reality is, freelancing is really hard.

No boss to answer to and you’re the one who needs to make sense of all your expenses, taxes, and invoices.

No one to remind you that it’s time for your vacation or sick leave. You have to do everything you can to stay ahead, and the best way is by maximizing your income.

As you can tell, the above points are all about maximizing your income.

A question that often strikes freelance writers is:

How do I get paid online?

This is the main question that our article will answer.

So, here are a few things to keep in mind when looking for an online payment system for your freelance business.

What To Look For In an Online Payment System for Sellers

To get the best out of the online payment system for your freelance business, you need to find one that will suit all your needs. Sounds simple enough but as most experienced sellers would tell you, there’s a few things to look out for when choosing an online payment system. These key features "would be what would ensure you don't pull your hair out later and should be what guides your decision-making process" according to a freelance financial expert.

As you begin to search for payment systems to suit your freelance needs, look out for these features.

Easy to use

The system should be easy to set up and you shouldn't have any problems getting started with it. It should be something that you can explain to your clients in a short time. The solution should be intuitive - meaning that you should be able to use it without the need for a lengthy tutorial because features from sign-up to payment are self-explanatory.

Payment protection

This is very crucial. Chances are you've had your fair share of bad experiences with clients who didn't pay at all. You need to know that you are going to be protected financially and your risk of being scammed will be minimized.

Client Management and Communication

You need a solution that will allow you to manage your clients on one platform. The system should be able to give you an overview of the projects that you are working on so that it will be easier for you to manage your clients. It should also allow easy communication with the client so you can easily agree on the scope of work, project timeline, and contracts without having additional steps or the need for additional tools/services.

Multiple currency support

You might work with clients in different countries and if you are a global seller, this is crucial. You need to be able to show your client how much they should pay in their currency.

Security and privacy features

Your online payment system should protect you from the unfair practices of hackers and scammers. It also needs to be safe for your client's sensitive data. This is something that you need to keep an eye on as a seller.

Mobile compatibility

You might be on the go a lot and being able to use your online payment system from your phone is crucial for you. This would make it easier for you to stay ahead of deadlines, get notifications about payments coming in during those long workdays, or even do some bookkeeping while commuting!

No setup fees

You'll need to keep an eye out for any extra cost that may come with the online payment system. As a seller, you

Offer a variety of payment methods

This is important because you don't want to limit yourself with the type of payments that you can receive. As a seller, you might have a few clients with special needs that require them to pay in different ways such as by card or bank transfer.

Payment processing fees

This is where many sellers have a problem when it comes to receiving payment online . The fees can be quite high and it's important that you know how much they are before making a choice. You need to know that you won't get any extra charges just for using the system. Hidden charges might end up costing you a lot more than what you expected to pay in the long run.

Support for different time zones

When your online payment system fails, you need to know that you can reach someone through email or phone. The best systems offer support for different time zones so your clients will never have to wait long for a response.

Reporting and analytics

This is important because without it, you won't be able to track your income and expenses. You need to know how much you've made and what your expenses are so that you can plan for future projects.

With these features in mind, you'll be able to get the most out of online payment systems.

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