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Paynco protects you when you want to exchange images, videos, documents or any virtual goods or services for a payment with someone you don’t know.

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How it works

A better way to get paid

We are giving freelancers their swagger back by allowing them to get paid quickly and simply.

Step 1

Communicate and agree on terms via the Paynco platform

We’ve created a messaging system that allows freelancers and clients to communicate directly through a secure platform. It is designed to make digital contracts safer and securer.

“What I like about Paynco, is that the users can be both Buyers and Sellers which makes it very easy to outsource work and potentially create your own online agency or studio!”

Marcia Hill, Digital Marketing Manager
Step 2

Buyer submits payment into Paynco

Once the offer is accepted, the buyer pays and funds the transaction or the work. The payment is then secured on an account until the validation of the transaction or work is done.

All payments on Paynco are processed by our partner Stripe, which makes your credit card information safe and secure. You never have to share your banking information with anyone.

Step 3

Freelancer delivers the work or the deliverables.

Once completed, the freelancer can deliver the work or the deliverables for validation.

There's no need to worry about your client changing their mind or not paying you, every detail of our platform is engineered to protect you and provide you with the best possible experience so that you can focus solely on doing your job.

Step 4

The buyer reviews and validates the work

Once delivered, the buyer reviews the work and has the possibility to approve it or, if needed, ask for a limited number of revisions which was agreed when creating the offer.

We handle all the security issues on our platform so that both the seller and buyer have nothing to worry about. Moreover, we have consultants available 24/7 to mediate between the seller and the buyer in case of any dispute.

Step 5

The money is automatically sent to the Freelancer

Once the work is validated by the buyer, the funds are immediately released and transferred to the Freelancer's Paynco wallet.

Our platform is crafted to make sure that your work is compensated without you having to send angry messages or chasing down the client.

You can be sure that your work will be paid, even if you lose your laptop!

From the blog

We come through with the “extra” details to help you stay on top of the latest and greatest. Easy to read and informative, our blog content is here to help you make the right decision.

I run a small e-commerce business with a frequent need for freelance writers. Paynco makes it easy to connect with freelancers and both sides of the agreement know everything is secure.

Andrew Peled
Co-Founder Jettix, LLC

I’m always worried about sending my work off to clients - I’ve been burned in the past when clients just haven’t paid. Paynco allows freelancers and clients to work together in confidence. It’s a huge help to have a secure platform for payments.

Anna Deaton
Specialist, One-Up Realty

As a brand new freelancer, it’s great to be able to use a platform that makes sure my payment arrives on time. There has already been too many occasions when a payment takes weeks to come through!

John Myers
Sound technician, Huffman and Boyle

As a freelancer I find it very important to have a simple and guaranteed way of getting paid. It has always been a breeze using Paynco!

Ales Kovacic
Software developer

Frequently asked questions

What is Paynco for?
Paynco is a secure transaction platform designed to offer you peace of mind when exchanging any digital or virtual goods for a payment with strangers online. It works perfectly for artists, creatives, writers, developers and designers when working with new clients.
Paynco ensures that you are protected from any scam you might incur when buying or selling virtual files or goods by offering a secure holding account through which funds can be deposited, held and eventually released.
What are the fees?
Paynco charges the buyer a set service fee of 50c plus a small percentage of the amount of money being transferred, depending on the currency selected.

The fees for Euro and US Dollar are:
Euro: 3% + 50c.
US Dollar: 4.4% + 50c.

Examples of our fees:
€100: 3%+50c = €3.50.
$100: 4.4%+50c= $4.90.

Also, please bear in mind that extra charges (while making a payment) may arise if your bank’s card issuer charges a fee for foreign currency exchange.
Finally, for high value transactions (above €10,000 or equivalent) and to get some insight into our custom pricing, please reach out to our Partnership Team, where you will be able to book a meeting to discuss it further.
How do I know Paynco is secure?
Through our partnership with Stripe, we are a regulated financial institution in the EU - PCI DSS Level 1 certified, the most stringent level of certification available.
We support PSD2 regulations in Europe and are Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) compliant.
We have dynamic authentication, scanning every transaction and dynamically triggering additional authentication when required.
We also use latest technologies to identity and access management solution that ensures compliance with GDPR and all other data regulation.
Can I use Paynco in my country?
Currently, Paynco can be used to make transactions within or between any of the following countries: Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malaysia, The Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, UK, USA.
How is Paynco regulated?
Paynco is an established Stripe Partner, a secure payment technology company based in Gothenburg, Sweden. Stripe is regulated in Europe by the Central Bank of Ireland and by the U.K. Financial Conduct Authority in the UK. Paynco’s partnership with Stripe ensures it complies with all AML, KYC and GDPR regulations in the countries listed here.
When will I receive my funds?
As a freelancer (seller), the money is being held for you from the moment the client (buyer) makes a payment. Your money will be released from the Paynco’s holding account once the client (buyer) approved the deliverables.
However, funds may take from 2-3 days to reach your bank account depending on your bank.
Always be sure to verify your Paynco account with us to speed up the payout process. If your account is not verified the funds cannot be paid out to your account.
To verify your account as a seller you must add your personal and payout details under the ‘My Profile’ section of your Paynco account.
In case of no response from the client (buyer) for a period of 5 days (starting exactly from the time when the work or transaction was delivered), your work would be automatically approved and your money is then automatically released to your (the seller’s) Paynco’s account.
How do I know the payment is safe when I’m using Paynco?
Paynco uses Stripe’s platform to manage all of its payments, meaning they are secured to the highest possible level against any form of fraud.
Can I cancel a payment?
Users will be unable to cancel a payment once the details for the transaction have been confirmed and the transaction or project has begun. However, if both parties are in agreement that the payment can be cancelled then the money can be returned to the buyer.
As a buyer, what happens if my refund request was disapproved by the freelancer (seller)?
Paynco has a 24/7 certified mediators available to mediate and support in any dispute that may occur while using our platform.
Does Paynco handles escrow style payments using crypto or bitcoin?
Yes, Paynco handles escrow style crypto payments. However, crypto based transactions are currently in beta version and are open exclusively for limited number of users. Please contact our customer service team for more information.
What if I’m not happy with the deliverables?
As a buyer, you have the possibility to ask for a limited number of revisions that should be agreed with the seller before starting the project.
In case the seller and the buyer couldn’t agree to solve their dispute, Paynco has a 24/7 certified mediators available to mediate and guide both parties to solve their dispute.