White-label Escrow Payment Solution to Monetize your online business

Paynco is an easy-to-use escrow payment solution. Earn transaction fees by offering escrow payment services to your customers.

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Why other platforms choose Paynco Escrow Payment Solution?

Choose your own transaction fees

Keep control of your platform and choose the transaction fees that your users pay for each sale made through your app.

Customize the Escrow transaction page with your own branding theme

Choose your own logo, theme and customizations. Your users will never feel redirected to a third party website.

Track every sale or transaction made through your platform on the Paynco's Admin Panel

Collect your earnings whener you want

Easy and Simple integration through a one API call

A 24/7 support from the Paynco friendly team from day one

Integrate the Paynco Payment Escrow Solution on your platfrom in minutes

With just a few lines of code, you can now add the possibility for your users to make payments throught Escrow and monetize your platform.

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How does it work for your users?

A better way to get paid

We are giving sellers their swagger back by allowing them to get paid quickly and simply.

Step 1

Buyer clicks on the pay or hire button on your platform

Once the buyer clicks on the pay button on your platform, they are redirected to the Escrow Transaction Page that is automatically updated with the seller's product or service details for an easy and secure escrow transaction.

“What I like about Paynco, is that the users can be both Buyers and Sellers which makes it very easy to outsource work and potentially create your own online agency or studio!”

Marcia Hill, Digital Marketing Manager
Step 2

Buyer makes a payment

Once the offer is accepted, the buyer pays and funds the transaction or the work. The payment is then secured on an account until the validation of the transaction or work is done.

All payments on Paynco are processed by our partner Stripe, which makes your credit card information safe and secure. You never have to share your banking information with anyone.

Step 3

Seller delivers deliverables.

Once completed, the seller can deliver the work or the deliverables for validation.

There's no need to worry about your client changing their mind or not paying you, every detail of our platform is engineered to protect you and provide you with the best possible experience so that you can focus solely on doing your job.

Step 4

Buyer reviews and validates the deliverables

Once delivered, the buyer reviews the work and has the possibility to approve it or, if needed, ask for a limited number of revisions which was agreed when creating the offer.

We handle all the security issues on our platform so that both the seller and buyer have nothing to worry about. Moreover, we have consultants available 24/7 to mediate between the seller and the buyer in case of any dispute.

Step 5

The money is automatically sent to the seller

Once the work is validated by the buyer, the funds are immediately released and transferred to the seller's Paynco wallet.

Our platform is crafted to make sure that your work is compensated without you having to send angry messages or chasing down the client.

You can be sure that your work will be paid, even if you lose your laptop!


Track and collect your new platform’s earnings from each transaction.

Once an escrow transaction is completed you will receive a notification on your Admin Panel about the details of the transaction as well as your transaction fees earnings that can collect whenever you wants.

Designed for developers

The most robust and easy-to-use Escrow payment API

We agonize over the right abstractions, so you don’t need to spend months integrating Escrow payments functionality on your platform.


“ Paynco Escrow Solution was the perfect choice for our art and animation sharing website. The integration was very fast and simple and we started earning money after just one day from our first contact with Paynco’s Friendly Team.”

Lisa Hastonsson
CEO, Ayewind