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Paynco connects millions of freelancers and agencies to clients and businesses of all sizes through a secure payment system. Your work is safe in the hands of Paynco.

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How it works

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We are giving freelancers their swagger back by allowing them to get paid quickly and simply.

Step 1

Communicate and agree on terms via the Paynco platform

We’ve created a messaging system that allows freelancers and clients to communicate directly through a secure platform. It is designed to make digital contracts safer and securer.

“What I like about Paynco, is that the users can be both Buyers and Sellers which makes it very easy to outsource work and potentially create your own online agency or studio!”

Marcia Hill, Digital Marketing Manager
Chat user interface
Step 2

Client pays

Clients have the option to pay freelancers as a one-off payment, or set-up milestone payments for long-term projects.

New project user interface
Step 3

Freelancer delivers work or documents for revisions, if needed

Freelancer can then deliver for revision, with the option to include watermarks or hide certain text to protect their work.

Files user interface
Step 4

The client accepts the work

Once everything is up to speed, the client can accept the freelancer’s work and approve it.

Accept project user interface
Step 5

We send the money to the Freelancer

We handle the payment so the client doesn’t have to, and we can guarantee swift payment for freelancers.

Wallet user interface

From the blog

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I run a small e-commerce business with a frequent need for freelance writers. Paynco makes it easy to connect with freelancers and both sides of the agreement know everything is secure.

Andrew Peled
Co-Founder Jettix, LLC

I’m always worried about sending my work off to clients - I’ve been burned in the past when clients just haven’t paid. Paynco allows freelancers and clients to work together in confidence. It’s a huge help to have a secure platform for payments.

Anna Deaton
Specialist, One-Up Realty

As a brand new freelancer, it’s great to be able to use a platform that makes sure my payment arrives on time. There has already been too many occasions when a payment takes weeks to come through!

John Myers
Sound technician, Huffman and Boyle

As a freelancer I find it very important to have a simple and guaranteed way of getting paid. It has always been a breeze using Paynco!

Ales Kovacic
Software developer

Frequently asked questions

How Does Paynco Protect Me As A Freelancer?
It’s simple: a client pays for their work before it’s delivered and we hold on to the money in the interim. When the order is delivered to the client - and the client is happy with the work - we forward the payment to you, the freelancer.
How Does Paynco Protect Me As A Buyer?
No money changes hands until you, the buyer, are happy with your order. This means you can receive payments back if the order is never delivered, or is not delivered properly. There are some protections put in place for both freelancers and clients: we have to monitor what is an acceptable order, and what is not. It’s recommended that all freelancers watermark their work before sending it, regardless of the relationship with the client. This obviously varies from order to order.
How Are Freelancers Paid?
Paynco holds on to the payment until the seller approves the order. We then send the payment within a short window.
What Is Paynco?
Paynco is a third-party platform for digital contracts and service agreements between freelancers and clients. We handle the money so neither party has to. This guarantees security for the clients, and money safety for freelancers. It also acts as a platform where freelancers and clients can discuss orders and make future arrangements.
Who Is Responsible For Paynco’s Fees?
At Paynco we believe in transparency: there is a service charge for the service. However, unlike other platforms, we offer the opportunity to decide who pays the fee. This can be arranged via our platform. So it could work as a 50/50 split between the freelancer and client. The fee is proportional to the sum of money exchanged.
Can I Use A Credit Card Or Paypal?
Because of the nature of credit card and PayPal payments, we only offer support for these types of payments when they are not over $5000. This is to protect clients and freelancers.
Does Paynco Accept Multiple and Split Payments?
In short, yes. Although the entire amount must be sent to Paynco by the buyer. The payment can then be split up as part of our milestone payment system. This protects buyer’s funds and makes sure that the freelancer is receiving their funds on time. We do have an additional fee for each transaction made, so it makes sense to send all payment at once.

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